Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I highly recommend this product. Especially after you've been flirting online for 6+ hours.


As we speak, they are preparing the Astrodome to house thousands of displaced people from New Orleans. It is the talk of the town. Usually I am pretty numb to natural disasters because they have never affected me (yet) and because I am a cold-hearted bitch, but I saw something on the news last night that struck me. Have you ever read the book (or maybe you saw the tv movie with Halle Berry) Their Eyes were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston? Great book. Towards the end of the novel, the heroine and her lover are fleeing from a hurricane and are almost dramatically torn apart. It seems like such a romantic tale, it could never really happen. I mean this is real life. But life doesn't get any realer than a man desperately trying to hold onto his wife as a violent flood slowly tears her away and she says to him, "Just let go. Please. Not both of us. Take care of the kids. Take care of the grandkids." And just like that she is gone. He is on the evening news, tearfully recounting his story into the microphone as he holds his grandchildren close to his skinny, ragged pants-legs. I can only hope to love and to be loved like that.

So I am going home this weekend (hopefully) to gather old clothes, etc. to give to the Red Cross. Please do something for these poor people.

Today's Planetary Indulgence

An enterprise, perhaps involving the creative arts, which you've long since given up on may suddenly rear its head again, this time as a definite opportunity. You might find yourself wondering if this is real, and once you're aware that it is, you still might have trouble believing that it's finally happening to you. Friends, along with your current love interest, may accept it more readily than you do. Enjoy your success and make the most of it!

I guess this is where I should plug my artwork, Mali Hues Art Works. (The link's to the right.)

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Let's get high and have fun.

In response to requests that my mood be elevated, here's a happy little post for all you happy little people...



Okay I tried. But all I can do is complain, though you know, I really have nothing to complain about. I mean I just got a raise yesterday, I hooked up my wireless connection today, and even my pants are fitting a little bit looser. I just don't know what to say when I'm happy. I'm better at expressing that physically, like laughing or dancing around the room or just smiling. How do you really express happiness?? Do you just walk around telling people "I'm Happy" like you just won some kind of prize? No. Because then the poor bastards will just be jealous of you and if everyone hated you you wouldn't be happy anymore. So instead you keep your happy on the down-low, permeating people's brains with your happy vibes and spiking people's drinks with your happy drugs. Did I say drugs?? I meant smile. Yes my friends, this high's of the natural sort--which is pretty new to me--and I like it. I think I'll keep it. Do you mind? Are you sure?

Question Mark

Oh man I am so stressed out today. Remember how I told ya'll about motorcycle rallies? Well I have the great luck and opportunity to coordinate one. Yes! The 5th annual RUB Hooters Breast Cancer Benefit Rally! How could you miss that?
Regardless, this is my job...for the time being. And I was always good at throwing parties but this one is a little different, to say the least. Two weeks until the big day and I feel like I haven't got a clue. And now they've handed me the accounting duties for the whole godforsaken company.
Why oh why did I not graduate? Why did I have to date that guy? Why did I have to love drugs so much more than myself? Why is creating a life so fucking easy, but building a life so fucking hard? Where is my crutch now? Why do I ask so many damn questions?? Where are all the answers?

Monday, August 29, 2005

It's a hit.

There is so much you don't know. If only I could tell it! Alas, I cannot. I am too ashamed. Or perhaps afraid. What if you didn't look at me the same way?? What would I do then? Probably the same thing I'm doing now.
My wait-and-see attitude has only gotten me strung out along the same trail Vladimir and Estragon so proudly blazed. And now I am here. My blush has lost some of its colour. What was once rosy-pink and new with delight at the world and all of its possiblities has turned the palest, weariest, ashen-white. No----beige. And what could be worse than that?? So I am dealing with the fact that my newfound blush is really only boring beige. What shall I do to remedy this? What can I do??
I suppose I could get a shitty car and a shitty apartment for all my shitty shit, but to what end? Do I really want to do what everyone else does? Do I really want to not have what everyone else doesn't have? No...that's never been the case, so why would it be now? I guess nothing has really changed at all.

Oh yeah. I got a raise today. Yay for me.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Jeff Gordon and the occult sciences

I am so happy today because Jeff Gordon is now officially in the "Chase" for the Nextel Cup after coming in 6th place at Bristol last night. I will explain for all those who do not know what this means (like me a couple of months ago.) The Chase is like the playoffs. You get so many points for every race depending on where you place. To make the playoffs you must be in the top ten drivers based on Nextel Cup points standings. And as of last night, Jeffy is now 10th! Yay!

Something weird that happened yesterday: I was out with Harmon and he was telling me about this Chris Angel "Mindfreak" show on A&E and we got to talking about magic. Suddenly I got really interested in the idea of magic, and how if you knew how to bend the rules of nature you might just know a lot more about life than the average person. As I was saying this I remembered that my horoscope had said that yesterday I would be unusually interested in the occult sciences. (cue creepy music...)

That kind of shit is always happening to me. What do you make of it?

note: I know the Jeff Gordon heyday might be "over" but I don't care. I didn't get into this shit until this summer, and I've already been more impressed by 24 than any other driver out there. But I am always late. You'll forgive me, won't you?

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Carpe Diem

I just got finished watching Dead Poets Society for the first time. I can't understand why I have never found time for this movie until now. I am a sucker for the nonconformist teacher. I also can't understand why every movie Ethan Hawke is in makes me cry. I cried because I don't believe tenderness like that shown by the boys (and men) in this movie truly exists. Or maybe not anymore. Perhaps our society has ruined us for love. With great freedom comes great carelessness. It seems that oppression breeds great love and beauty, be it through desperation. Which shall I choose? I cannot tell. The romantic's heart can be bent and torn but never broken. It can be tortured and severed but only through gross inactivity can it be destroyed. Modern carelessness via overwhelming freedom I fear will slowly suck and extract all that I know as beauty from this world. Marshall McLuhan spoke of narcosis of the mind due to reckless and free communication. If we are free to love everything--as we are in modern times--would that not thrust our heart into the same kind of narcosis our minds already experience?? If only there were some kind of balance. I long for freedom, beauty, and love, but can one person ever truly attain all of these?

Friday, August 26, 2005

A Scale, A Mirror, And Those Indifferent Clocks

Here is a scale
Weigh it out and you’ll find, easily
More than sufficient doubt
That these colors you see
Were picked in advance

By some careful hand
With an absolute concept of beauty

They are smeared and these blurs come in random order
In the color of the eyes of your former lover
Hers were green like July except when she cried
They were red

Now I know a disease that these doctors can't treat
You contract on the day you accept all you see
Is a mirror and a mirror is all it can be

A reflection of something we're missing
And language just happened it was never planned
And it's inadequate to describe where I am
In the room of my house where the light’s never been

Waiting for this day to end
And these clocks keep on winding and completely ignoring
Everything that we hate or adore

Once the page of a calendar has turned it's no more
So tell me then, what was it for?
Oh tell me, what was it for?

Ass Lightning

I got to go to the doctor today and guess what else I got...a shot in the ass! Like lightning--good god it stung! The doctor was very nice though, and I'm happy to report that I am all better now.

Being back home is weird because it is comfortable but slo-o-ow. Now I remember why we drank and did so many drugs back in high school. We were bo-o-ored!

And I am bored again now. There is nothing good on tv. Tomorrow my friend Harmon is coming into town, so that should be at least a little fun. Other than that I'm stumped.

Fevers and Mirrors

I know this is starting to look like a Bright Eyes fan page but...this is the best album ever. Simply brilliant. Everyone should keep a copy in their back pocket just in case of emergency.

I was driving into my hometown last night and got a strange feeling--the same feeling I always get when I come
home. Sad but hopeful, sentimental but fearful. I stare as I drive by the cemetary where too many of my friends are buried. I don't know what I think of that. Somewhere there is a single plot out there with my name on it...

Wish me luck trying to get in to see the doctor today. I woke up last night with a fever of 100 and I feel like absolute shit when I'm not hopped up on ibuprofen. I'll be back later.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


I think perhaps I was feeling bad yesterday because I was getting sick and I didn't even know it. I had this dream last night that I was at a family reunion for my mom's side but the Southpark kids were there, which made it funny. Well we all went to the mall and I was very feverish and I asked the lady behind the counter at the department store for a thermometer. So she gave me one of those old school mercury thermometers, which I thought was weird, even in the dream (who uses those anymore?) It showed I had a 104 fever. Then I woke up feeling feverish. So I asked my dad if he had a thermometer...and guess what--he handed me the same fuckin old school mercury thermometer from my dream. Creepy. I guess that answers the question. My dad still uses an old school mercury thermometer. Anyway I do have a slight fever, which means I don't really have to work today--hooray!

We have some visitors here today from Germany to buy our motorhome. I can barely even believe these guys exist. Check it out: They flew over here from Germany to pay us $75 grand--cash--and then they are driving to South Carolina where they are going to have the thing shipped back to Germany. They are motocross racers--punk-asses--and they own 3 big sex shops in Hamburg. That is big ballin for white boys under 30, don'tcha think?? Weird.

I got to see Live with Regis and Kelly this morning. It was a rerun and they had Paris Hilton on the show. Talk about no personality. I guess she was put here just to keep quiet and look pretty. That made me feel a bit better about myself. I may not be as pretty as Miss Hilton, but I know I'm more interesting. And thank god for that.

I gotta give a shout out to my boy Jason at Saddle Creek Records for replying to my email so quickly yesterday. I wrote asking about why Bright Eyes' tour skipped over Texas and he nicely replied that it was a short tour and they were hitting towns they'd skipped over this spring and summer. I was so surprised that they wrote me back at all--much less within an hour--that I forgive them for not coming down this fall. Saddle Creek Rocks!

Listened to "Going to California" the other day and remembered why Led Zeppelin is the best band to ever come down from heaven and play on Earth.

Ashlee Simpson scares the shit out of me.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Empty Vessel

Did you ever feel like you were missing something?? I feel like a bowl of chili with no cumin. The spice in me is gone. It used to be there. I used to feel it in my bones like electric current. Now I don't feel anything at all.

Not too long ago I lost everything. Everything save my life. That's probably why I feel like something's missing, because it is. Everything I loved I lost. Now I love nothing. I have nothing to give. I want to cry but I cannot. I want to scream but I cannot. I want to fuck but I cannot. I want to die but I cannot.

I am trapped in the empty vessel I call my heart. Tossed about by waves of change and doubt and pain. And I never know which will be coming next.


I am sad today. I will try and explain later. This says it better than I could right now.

All I have for the moment is a song to pass the time
And a melody to keep me from worrying
Some simple progression to keep my fingers busy
And words that are sure to come back to me
And they'll be laughing
Yeah they'll be laughing
At my mediocrity
My mediocrity
-Conor Oberst "A Song to Pass the Time"

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Work Sucks

I have to work late tonight, so this is all you get...

Houston Hotness

I'm taking a cue from Chris (of GvB) and posting some hotness on this fine Tuesday morning. That there is David Carr (quarterback) of the Houston Texans. I saw his fine-ass on the news last night and just couldn't get him out of my mind. He's easily the hottest guy in town that's not jailbait, heheh. Hopefully blogging about him will put him out of my mind, right? Plus I'm tired of seeing hot girls posted all over the blogsphere--where my eye-candy?? Right here bitches!

Monday, August 22, 2005


Whatever happened to the word "fartknocker"?? What a great word. I was watching this video I have of a Beavis and Butthead moron-a-thon taped off of MTV in 1995. It was fucking hilarious. Like opening a time capsule. You should have seen the commercials. Take video games for example. They were talking about how Mortal Kombat for Sega Genesis had "revolutionary" graphics. Do you remember what Mortal Kombat for Sega Genesis (and don't forget Super Nintendo) looked like?? Shit. An absolute fucking joke. And music videos...what happened?? Music videos used to be interesting. Take Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden (thanks Yos) for example. A backyard barbeque turned hellish vaccuum where the actors heads melt in different directions and mom is masturbating in the backyard with a vibrator. Now that's art. When did half-naked strippers become the best an "artist" could do on MTV?? It's a sad, sad world. Something I thought was ironic was the fact that if you are watching tv in the '90s, things look gritty. More real. (Or maybe that was just the VHS.) And they were trying to be commercial. Now I am watching tv and everything I see is so disgustingly commercialized but labeled "reality." What does that say about our present society?? This shit could fuck up an entire generation. Watch. But what I really learned from my VHS experience was that toilet humor is timeless. Trancendent, if you will.

I think I'll print it in the personals that I'm looking for a match
Someone to light me up
Someone to burn the proof of the things that I've done
Each day there's hours
I skip like a stone
I just crawl in a bag
I'm gonna live my life like somebody's shadow
-Conor Oberst "Spent on Rainy Days"

Sunday, August 21, 2005


This weekend was completely extra-ordinary. (I hyphenate to accentuate the meaning of that word because it is oftentimes misused. And because I care.) Anyway what I thought was going to be the lamest motorcycle rally of them all was frickin' fun as shit. I'm having a hard time telling this story (finally I have one to tell!) because there is so much you don't know, but I'll try to do my best and fill you in. It had to be done I guess.

Let me describe a motorcycle rally to you. It is something I would never attend of my own free will. Like a carnival centered around bikers. I work for a motorcycle detailing company so I have to go to these to try to "sell more wax" and I make extra cash cleaning bikes with it (which is the hottest, dirtiest job in the world.) But for the most part we just sit out in the Texas heat trying to sell wax to drunk bikers and bullshitting around. There is usually some kind of southern-rock cover band and fake tits as far as the eye can see. Not my kind of place at all. Sometimes the crotch-rocket guys are hot, but they are completely self-absorbed, so f-them. Other than that, there are the vendors, who are your random ragtag vagabonds, god bless 'em. The fun part is that me and my coworker roll pretty much the same way--we know how to party. So sometimes we do. This was one of those weekends.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, and circumstances within my control, I have been celibate for almost two years--for clarity you might say. I am utterly and completely disillusioned with romance/love/sex and I just don't really care to participate. And partly I am way out of practice, and very nervous about possibly getting back into the "swing" of things. I am very cynical when it comes to the opposite sex.

Okay I think I can go ahead with the story now. (We were out there the entire weekend, living in our motor-home, so following events happened in a two and a half day span.) On Friday evening, my coworker left to go fishing with his buddies off the coast. I was determined to find something to do. I knew there had to be somebody cool to hang out with there. Earlier in the day a vendor boy had offered me some of the skillet potatoes he sold. I thought he looked cute in his glasses. So I went over there and it was way obvious that he wanted me. So I thought it would be fun to flirt, but what I found out was that he could actually roll with me. Holy shit! I was like a teenager--it was sickening--but so fun. When he got off work he came to my motor-home and we had a great time watching tv and laughing. He stole my heart when we were talking about our jobs and he said "You know we're just carnies, right??" I nearly laughed my ass off. He wasn't the kind of guy I usually like to holla at but he was so nice and so genuine. We got to talking and--who would have guessed--he had been through a divorce a couple years ago and was kinda dealing with the exact same celibacy issue as me. Now don't deduct anything extra from that--haha--what I mean is that it was so nice to relate to someone--I had been dreading feeling awkward and nervous--but he was just as nervous to be with someone else as I was, so I wasn't embarrassed at all. What a perfect situation--I couldn't believe it! So my trepidation dispensed and I found out I am still a normal person.

I didn't go see The Hunger because I was so tired from this weekend and hung-over. I have a great pic of this five year old boy who did bike tricks riding his tiny pocket-rocket. I will post it when I get it from my coworker's camera tomorrow. There was also this little boy who's mom was with the tourism board who had a crush on me. They were hanging around us because his daddy was getting a tattoo and mom didn't want little TJ to see it, heh. He was a super-cute blonde sweetie-pie. It is quite flattering to have a little kid infatuated with you--so innocent and charming! There is so little of that in the world these days! So I gave him some of the leather conditioner that we sell for his new leather "biker" gloves that he was so proud of.

Man there is so much more to say about this weekend...I had so many great thoughts--luckily I wrote some down. I will get to them later in the week, so expect some of my best work to date! I also fell in love with Conor Oberst for about the 27th time on Saturday evening, so expect more Bright Eyes lyrics than usual. Hopefully I can turn Yossarian on to that best song in the world that he's been looking for--cause god knows Conor has written some of them. :P

Sorry this one's so long and unfunny, unthoughtful, and decidedly un-cute. I'll make up for it. Promise.

So I am reminded of things I've forgotten
The way doors can open and people just walk in
It's not unexpected, no its just how you planned it
Beginning to think that it might never happen
Well now it is happening...
So we've been selected in this beautiful lottery
We struggled so long but it ended so easy
It's starting to surface, all golden and godlike
This feeling we had every day and every night
It bursts into energy
A door it is opening...
-Conor Oberst "Blue Angels"

Thursday, August 18, 2005

No Kinda Dancer

I am diggin on Robert Earl Keen so hard this morning. I can't believe I'm going to miss him at ACL--it has been too long since I've seen him play. Rich Brotherton is one of the most amazing guitarists I've ever seen or heard about. If you don't download some REK, you're really missing out. And he's a Texas Aggie, like me...whoop!

Check out:
No Kinda Dancer
Dreadful Selfish Crime

Gringo Honeymoon
I'm Comin' Home

I have finally put my artwork up on the web, so please check it out when you get the time--the link's to the right--Mali Hues Art Works.

Also, I have now been spammed, so I'm disallowing annonymous posting. If you don't have a blogger identity and would like to comment, you can check my profile and email me.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I am going away this weekend to a shitty motorcycle rally in Bay City for work, so I probably won't be posting till Sunday or Monday. At least there will be plenty of beer there, so it won't be all bad. I am looking forward to seeing my new favorite local band The Quinns open up for The Hunger at their independent label release party. I have never heard The Hunger before, but apparently they have quite a following down here, and besides I really dig their name. Bands with cool names rock. I think that's why Led Zeppelin kicks so much ass. I dare you to try to come up with a better band name than that. I think if I were going to start a band, I'd call it Unlearn. And my first album would be called Paradox. I guess I've given this a little too much thought considering I'm not a musician, huh?

The Hunger

What is the world coming to?

Damn! Where have our morals gone?

Question: Does anybody know what the fuck is wrong with the people in the Middle East? Seems like none of them can get along--they've been killing each other since the beginning of time--what's the damn deal? To be honest, I am not all that knowledgable on the history of the region, but I doubt I will ever understand hatred like that. I have disliked people, but never to the point of violence. These people can't even be neighbors. I mean, even Hank Hill and Kahn can get along without killing each other. This is something I just cannot understand, and if anybody has any answers, please fill me in!

I hope I don’t sound too ungrateful,
What history gave modern men...
A telephone to talk to strangers...
Machine guns and a camera lens.
-Conor Oberst "Road to Joy"

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Why you gotta be like that?

I am broken-hearted. Bright Eyes' fall tour does not include any dates in Texas or even the surrounding states. WTF is that shit?! Hopefully they will add some more dates. On a more positive note, I think I am going to be able to book a flight to Austin and kick it at ACL. I will be going on Sunday, which proves to be an awesome day by the looks of the schedule.

Monday, August 15, 2005

The loneliness is palpable...

Carrie Bradshaw said that on Sex and the City. Being an avid fan of the show, that made me wonder...does Carrie Bradshaw even know what loneliness is?? I know what it is. Loneliness is crying as you chat with an old friend online. I doubt Carrie Bradshaw ever did that.

On a lighter note, today I found some really stimulating blogs, so check out the links. And thanks for the comments ya'll...keep 'em coming--it helps more than you might think.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

All the world's a stage...

Thank God I did something this weekend, I have been posting too much politics. Last night I went to the final performance of "As You Like It" at the University of Houston Shakespeare Festival. It was enchanting. The typical Shakespearean comedy, rife with cross-dressing and lovesick fools. I cannot say how great it was enough times. I wish we still used Shakespearean English. It's so rhythmic and beautiful. I think we are going to go see "Greater Tuna" next week, which is about "the third smallest town in Texas." It is supposed to be quite funny, and it should be, as I know small town Texas can definately serve up a moment of hilarity or three or four. Though sometimes life in a small town is a tragi-comedy. I am a little bummed out today though because Jeff Gordon didn't place in the top ten at The Glen. He did pretty well considering he got moved to the back of the pack not once but twice. I am also taking consolation in the fact that he moved up to 13th in the Nextel Cup standings. And I guess congratulations are in order to Tony Stewart for winning at The Brickyard last week and the road race today. And how could I not mention Robby Gordon (no relation to Jeff) kicking ass and taking names in both the Busch series race yesterday and the Nextel Cup race today, placing 2nd in both. Booya!

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts..."
-William Shakespeare "As You Like It"

Thursday, August 11, 2005

There are no words.

I can't believe this.

When this has been investigated thoroughly, expect there to be outrage in the streets. Those people, who seemingly chose to ignore this kind of intelligence, were appointed by the president. And guess who that was...America's Archangel himself, Bill Clinton--a Liberal Democrat. That's why I like Bush, I don't care what ya'll say. I hate to be partisan, but if we subscribe to the Democrats' way of defending America, we'll all be dead or wearing burkhas in ten years or so.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Wednesday Soapbox

I was posting last night and sometime between composing and publishing, blogger went down for maintenance. So here is my post from yesterday, as best I can remember...

I am back from a long weekend of doctors appointments. I am taking all kinds of vitamins I've never even heard of now. Had a good time watching MTV though. Billie Joe (of Green Day) has finally passed into adulthood and he is so handsome! And have you seen Gwen Stefani's video for "Cool?" She is beautiful with blonde hair, and totally rad with pink hair, but she's fucking gorgeous as a brunette. When I find a picture I'll post it--this one is the best I could do. And the video is weird to me because the song is about being "cool" with your ex, but she definately looks like she is jealous of the new girlfriend. Too obvious Gwen!

I was browsing the net and I found this...
Ten Things Every Single Girl Must Own

So true! I have every one of those things!

Holy shit!

Even at the height of my IRC addiction I don't think I could have made it 50 hours!

And can you believe this??

Now, it's nice and all that the prisoners down there have ready access to new media, but come on. I've been to jail--for an extended period--and we didn't have shit like that! And I hear all the ACLU's claims about how bad the treatment at Gitmo is and then the investigation comes out and you hear stuff like this and I get so pissed. They are living the "life of Riley" in prison on our nickel. I mean, think about it. They are treating terrorists, who literally want to blow our country up, better than they would treat someone who was caught with pot. That is fucked up. And in state jail had we requested anything--much less some trendy-ass fuckin Harry Potter shit, the guards would have laughed their asses off and given us a strip search just for fun. I know it's hip to be liberal and all, and I am liberal in many ways, but I just can't go along with this one. They would rather treat goddamned terrorists better than they'd treat your brother or his sister or her boyfriend or his mother. What are they thinking??

Friday, August 05, 2005

Me and Dinah

I saw some badass short films on PBS the other night. Don't count PBS out...when you don't have cable, sometimes it has by far the best shows on. One was called "The Pool" and it made me believe in love again. I am pretty sure I'm going home to East Texas tomorrow to hang out with my mom and my cat, Dinah. It's been three weeks since I've been home and I'm excited. But their computer is sick so I'll not be posting for the next few days. Today I was listening to the radio at work, and they listen to right-wing talk radio--you know those guys...Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage--and Hannity was talking about Judicial Nominee John Roberts being probed, and it seems that the New York Times has obtained or is trying to obtain the papers concerning the adoption of his two children. Is it me, or is that a little excessive? Or obsessive? I think it's vulgar. Some things are personal, and private. He's got the same rights as all of us, and they deserve to be recognized.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Heart Dis-ease

"Researchers have documented a link between depression and heart disease. A diagnosis of heart disease increases the risk of depression. Likewise, people who become depressed are at greater risk for heart disease."

Perhaps I am on to something! (See previous post "I Don't Know What I Mean, Really.) Seems to me that if there is direct relation between depression and heart disease, that would mean that people are dying from broken hearts. What can be done about this? What does this mean?

Monday, August 01, 2005

Totally Unrelated

I'm too afraid to get personal...but let's just say someone is sooo immature. They are taking me to my WW meeting tomorrow and they say, "oh--so while you're at your meeting, I can go to the movies, right?" Just to try to make me want to skip the meeting to do something more "fun" and ultimately fail the diet. What a dick. I just don't know what to think when people act like that. How do you deal with an overgrown child?

In other news, someone has offered $80 grand--cash--for our motorhome, and wants to fly in to see it. We did a little research on who this person was (found on ebay) and it's some guy who owns a sex shop in Germany. haha! I couldn't have made that shit up if I tried.

Log on for all your Liebespuppen needs!