Sunday, April 29, 2007


Last weekend Jeff Gordon, NASCAR driver #24, rewrote the record books.

Call him the king of repeat performance.

After winning Pheonix from pole position last Saturday night and tying the late Dale Earnhardt's no.6 all-time race-win record, he's done it again this Sunday. Starting from the pole today in Talladega, he led more laps than anyone, only to fall back in the pack towards the end, racing up to take the win in the last 5-6 laps. He's now taken that sixth most all-time wins record from Earnhardt Sr., and you can bet it's pissing people off. The wrong people, of course. It is a sad state of affairs when a racecar driver can win a race (or two in Gordon's case) fairly and squarely, and still be booed upon arrival or departure of the track. It's ridiculous. All because the fans that make all of us bitten by the NASCAR bug look ridiculous are pissed off because Jeff Gordon is just that damned good. Fucking smooth as hell. He's kept cool as a cucumber amidst all of this bullshit and only made those that ridicule the ridiculous ones. Even Earnhardt the Junior asked them to cut that shit out. Apparently the Earnhardt tradition is bigger than even the Earnhardts themselves now. So the ridiculous did their ridiculing and were consequently arrested for mocking the very same greatness they came to see that day, and come to see every race weekend. I'd be embarrassed to be the Earnhardts at this point. I mean I understand it's never been easy for a record-breaker (see Roger Maris) but don't we have this thing in The United States of America called SPORTSMANSHIP?
You know what I say to fans of such low caliber?


You're all just jealous because his baby mama is hotter than yours.

Hell yeah I said it. LOL!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

28 Days

I'm Blush and I'm An Addict--
Today I'm grateful for:
Getting out of Rehab.
One day early.
Austin Cox.
All the crazy people I met;
And most of all,

And Thank God for Dr. Pepper and cigarettes.
With that, I pass.
Rehab was a blast.

I'm so cool my realness is a testament to fakeness.
I'm back and better than ever.