Friday, November 26, 2010

One Hell of a Hiatus

Wow. I finally have something to talk about!
Unemployed for six months, I had become extremely depressed. Let's just say I was a hot mess.
However, Danielle's bachelorette party in New Orleans and wedding in downtown Dallas WAS fuckin amazing--and totally helped me see the light again.
Jason and I broke up but stayed best friends, living together with my mom, almost like brother and sister.
Strange, yes. Normal, not at all. But it worked for us somehow this summer.
In September I got a job as the Front Desk Manager at the Holiday Inn Express here in town. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT and want to turn this "job" into a "career." I think I was made for Hospitality!
Maybe it's the Texan in me.
Jason finally got a good job, but it is out of town. Almost the moment he left for Houston, he decided he was still in love with me. Then he got transferred to rural Kentucky, installing fiber-optics. Jesus, what a bombshell. We still have the same stormy relationship, but I took him back, because things were supposed to be different this time.
I had to play out the feelings I cannot deny I still have for him. It wouldn't have been fair to either of us, or anyone we might get involved with in the future, to leave this "undone."
He is here this weekend for Thanksgiving, and somehow I feel like nothing has changed at all. I just don't feel special like a girlfriend should with their boyfriend. Maybe our past is insurmountable, I cannot tell. But suddenly now that I'm not interested in a boyfriend but in a career, my ex confesses his love for me and I've also got two other guys wanting to date me seriously.
Good God! I can't handle one, much less two or three! Will write more about this later. I'm really conflicted over it all, heh. I'm always conflicted over something.
But you knew that.

This year I am thankful for: my job, Burn Notice and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit Marathons during the week, and the E! network on weekends. The Aggies beating the Longhorns yesterday, my brother Sam's and my epic night in Dallas, Momma and Daddy, and my best friends, Danielle and Jason.