Sunday, March 09, 2008

Regeneration (Here Comes The Sun)

So things are going well. I had a chance to visit Austin weekend before last. It was better than good to see him and hold him again. He had to go back to the treatment center after 12 hours, and, as always, it was hard saying goodbye. We've been living separately for over a year now. Still, there is no love lost. I think I've found the one.
Being a manager at the Cookie Store has been fun and challenging at times. We've got alot on our hands with some of our employees. And of course there's my crazy boss to deal with. But who doesn't have to deal with crazy bosses??

I feel a new wind of change blowing in the Pines this year. I smelled it as it roared over the plains of central Texas last month. As the flowers bloom, I feel myself doing the same. It's time for me to stretch out once more. It's time to see the world again with newly brightened eyes. It's time to come out of the darkness--for good.
I've lived for 1000 years and consequently slept for 1000 more years. I traveled all over the world in a dream and died in an instant, only yet to be reborn.