Thursday, April 01, 2010

American Saturday Night

So Brad Paisley was awesome. I hadn't seen a country concert in years (much less a rodeo) and Mr. Paisley fuckin' rocked it out. He was SO hot, as he played a guitar solo I grabbed Jason's leg and squealed "I'm so horny right now!"

I've just been sorta lying around being lazy and depressed due to my lack of employment
...I've been living in a great state of boredom.

Surprisingly, another great State, of Texas, has jumped in to help (which would be the first time for me, usually its the state of Texas holding me in prison or rehab, but what the hey--water under the bridge, right?)

My friend Rhonda has developed a nasty coke habit. So I can't hang out with her really, it's too much temptation. I feel like I'm losing a sister-friend, but I don't know what else to do, ya know? When we met, she was so against hard drugs. Now her husband thinks she's engaging in ...immoral things to get it. I have never been so disappointed. I miss my FRIEND.

Jason and I are really happy right now. I'm going through my long bipolar cycle--12 months of normal, 4-6 months of crazy. I'm in the "crazy" 4-6 months right now. So I have my good days and my bad days. The medication really helps.

My old friend Courtney is back in my life. We dated brothers in High School. She's working at a local deli and bakery called The Lunch Box and she's pretty sure she can get me on there because a girl walked out on her shift the other day and I don't know of anyone who could get away with that and NOT get fired, heh. Courtney's been talking me up and she thinks it's gonna happen. I sure hope so, because even though I got approved for unemployment (which is SUCH a big help) I've gained like 15 lbs. from sitting on my ass all day instead of moving around at work.

I have GOT to get in shape!
Danielle's Fabulous Downtown Dallas Wedding is sneaking up quickly on me! Not only am I maid of honor in but my TEN YEAR HIGH SCHOOL REUNION is coming up in the fall. I've got to plan the Bridal Shower AND the Bachelorette Party. Never been in a wedding before--this is new territory--and I'm kinda at a loss.

Good God.

As for the reunion I am super excited about it really, I haven't kept good touch with many high school friends due to several precarious years in my past. It will be SO good to see them all...
The only thing is most of them have a career or are married and have not just one but sometimes two kids! Which is a bummer for me, not only do I work high school type jobs, but I don't have much to be proud of at all. I felt like if I had some darling little children, it would be completely different. My life would have so much more purpose and I would feel somehow justified in my station in life.
And the Fact is, most of the friends of mine that have had children are still as thin as they were in high school! What the fuck is that?! I have always battled my weight and I've just got to get in shape before the wedding and reunion.

I am seriously thinking about hiring my Elementary school-present best friend Kristin's husband because he's a personal trainer...
That would be the shit.

I printed out my entire blog to start the editing process for a possible book...working title: BLUSH REALITY: Confessions of a Serial Blogger. I've got 1600 pages of material. Yeah. Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it. This could be my big break, you never can tell!